Top Building Trends for 2021

Well, just like that we are coming to a close on 2020 and what a year it has been! Before we know it, the holidays will have come and gone and we will be ringing in the New Year. We have no doubt this year will go down in the history books as one of the wildest years ever, and I think we all have our fingers crossed for a happy, healthy, and relaxing 2021. 

Building Trends, along with just about everything else in the world, changed a lot throughout the year, and SHELTER wanted to give you a heads up on the top building trends that could be useful for your custom home build headed into 2021. 


Outdoor Living Spaces

Way back in 2019 we knew outdoor living spaces were important. But hey, not the worst issue if your outdoor living space isn’t up to snuff when you can go to a concert, hit a bar with your friends, or enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant in town. 2020 showed us that there’s nothing like quarantining in your home for months on end to make you realize how critical it is to LOVE your home’s outdoor living space. After this past year, our number one building trend for 2021 is to build the outdoor living space of your dreams, because who knows what’s coming next and how much you’ll be needing it! 


Outdoor Living Spaces

Home Automation and Smart Homes

Another lesson 2020 taught us the hard way is that technology can and must be used to our benefit. Zoom calls, virtual schooling for the kids, and binge watching every Netflix series offered made the SHELTER team realize how important it is to take all that modern technology offers us and utilize it in our custom homes. At SHELTER, we work with industry leaders in the at home technology world to ensure that all of our homes are equipped with the latest and the greatest. 

Multipurpose Living Spaces

One family friendly building trend we see on the rise for 2021 is the use of multipurpose living spaces. As difficult as this past year has been for many, one bright spot has been the increased family time. Of course we all need our space and alone time, but we find that incorporating more multipurpose living spaces, or having more of an open floor plan can encourage more family time. With an open floor plan you can enjoy cooking a meal for the family while being able to spend quality time with those hanging in the family room. At SHELTER it is our goal to build your dream house, but it’s our hope that it’s a space custom built for you and your family to turn that house into your home!

 Finger’s Crossed for the Future!

As much as we’d all love to look into the crystal ball and see what the future will bring, we unfortunately cannot. However, if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that you better buckle up, it might be a bumpy ride! The SHELTER thinks these building trends are a safe bet to make sure that building in 2021 will workout in your favor, no matter what the new year throws at us.