Brad Richter, Project Manager

SHELTER Project Manager Brad Richter brings over 30 years of construction experience to our team.


Brad began working in the custom home building field at the age of 18 when he moved from Indonesia to Southern California. What started as a summer job, quickly progressed into a lifelong career.


Brad contributes a wealth of knowledge to the SHELTER team. At the age of 24, he built his first custom home completely on his own. “I didn’t hire any tradesmen,” Brad said. “I was the architect, framer, plumber and everything between.”


In 2001, a trip to Mexico presented Brad with an entirely new opportunity. He was astonished by the amount of people without any shelter and he knew he had the right skill set to make a change. He developed a style of homes now known as a loft house that could be built in one day and for around $3,500. Brad and other volunteers built these homes in the states and transported them to Mexico. What started as one man’s desire to help those in need, grew into a non-profit organization now known as “Hands of Mercy” that continues to provide homes for those in need.


Brad continued his career in custom home building and in 2017 moved to the Low-Country. After 30 years on the job, he still enjoys the unique challenge of turning an empty lot into a home.


Brad and his wife Marilyn have five children and enjoy spending time together to take advantage of all their new home has to offer.