Building a SHELTER Modern Home

Being one of the oldest cities in our country, Charleston has always been known for its beautiful classic homes that are a historic part of this city’s culture. Now, with Charleston being one of the best cities to live in America, people are flocking to the area from all over the country. With the demand to live here on the rise, so is  the demand for modern style custom homes. As one of the top custom home builders in Charleston, we love the challenge of building modern homes that are truly one of a kind, as shown on page 104 of CHD Magazine’s Fall 2020 addition. 

To build a beautiful modern custom home, a lot of things come down to doing the basics right. Modern home or not, form and functionality of the living space needs to be considered from the first day of planning. At SHELTER, we’ve found that keeping clear communication between the design team and the construction team is the best way to ensure that the home reflects the client’s visions for the final product. 

Focusing on form, functionality, and the simplicity of the design of the home gives opportunities for unique architectural elements to be added that set our modern homes apart from the rest. 

Unique Designs Setting us Apart

We are proud to work with some of the most talented architects and designers in the industry. It’s the creativity and skill that they bring to the table that helps us build homes unlike any others. Whether it be hidden doors or large oak paneled walls with a steel inlay, our homes encompass modern functionality and designs that are custom built to reflect the personality of our clients. 

Welcoming Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements into our custom homes is a great way that we find balance between modern and natural beauty. Incorporating things like sloping ceilings that range anywhere from 12 to 20 feet or floor to ceiling windows is one of the many ways that we bridge the gap from the living space to the natural beauty surrounding the home. 

Touches of Modern Design

It wouldn’t be modern design without modern design elements incorporated throughout. Our designers take projects to the next level with things like bold glass paneled staircases and black steel elements. These are perfect examples of the elegant minimalism found in our modern homes.

Environmentally Friendly Builds 

In a SHELTER homes, modern design or not, we always make sure that our homes are built with environmentally conscious materials. Environmentally conscious means a better living environment for the homeowner, and it helps us get creative with the design and unique elements incorporated into the build. This approach creates a sustainable style that will last a lifetime and beauty that never compromises on quality. 

To build a modern home that meets SHELTER’s standards it takes industry leading talent, strong communication, and an expectation for a perfect finished product by all parties involved in the project. After decades in the custom home building industry, we pride ourselves in building modern homes unlike any other in the Charleston area.